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Fast Cache Cleaner


Cache clearing app!Clears all the caches.
Just one tap the app icon to instantly clear cache.There is no functionality to display accumulated cache per app or deleted file size.This app has omitted the functionalities which take several seconds (3 seconds) for processing, to achieve the processing of fastest class.This app is recommended for those who are focusing on speed.This app is absolutely free and without any troublesome advertisements.A must-have app to easily maintain your smartphone.
When the cache is cleared- Improves processing speed.- Battery lasts longer.- Releases the memory compressed by unnecessary files.
Recommended for those who want:- An app with fast processing speed- No troublesome settings- An app which works with one tap- An app with no advertisements- A non-resident app for Clear cache- No need to set apps to exclude (The app seeks to be extremely easy-to-use by eliminating settings.)
How to use this app:(1) Install the app.(2) Tap the app icon.(3) Smartphone is refreshed after the cache is cleared.(4) The app automatically completely finish.(No need to install widget)